Surroundings of our place
and the city of Oradea


tururi ghidate

tururi ghidate

La cerere, oferim clienților noștri tururi ghidate ale orașului Oradea. Acestea pot fi concepute atât clasice, cuprinzând câte puțin din tot ce are de oferit orașul nostru, cât și tematice – religioase, arhitecturale, etc. Tururile sunt realizate de partenerii noștri de la Oradea Adventure.

Acestea pot fi făcute și pe roți, având în vedere că locația noastră oferă și servicii de închiriere de biciclete clienților noștri.

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Belvedere areas

Panorama Point

distance from the property: 12 minutes

Just a 12-minute walk from Piatra Craiului street, no. 28, one can admire a very beautiful panorama of the eastern and central part of the city. For a more complete view, you can go a few hundred meters to the right, on Cantonului Street. The route is an easy one, which can be completed on foot or by bicycle. The route can be done as a route of approximately 30-40 minutes (2.4 Km): Atacului – left on Piatra Craiului – right on Cantonului – right on Vulturilor – right on Piatra craiului – left at Atacului.

Mushroom Hill

distance from the property: 29 minutes

At 2.2 km, 29 minutes on foot or 8 minutes by car is Dealul Ciuperca, from where you can see the most beautiful panorama in the city, in all directions.




Distance / 16 min / 3 min

16 minutes on foot or 3 minutes by car (1.3 km), it is located
RIVO restaurant. * 4.5
Str. Aleea Strandului, nr. 3., tel: 0359.444.445; 0770.444.445.


Distance: 18 min / 4 min

18 minutes on foot or 4 minutes by car (1.7 km) is the Artisan Pizzeria
L`Autentica *4,5
Str. Aleea Strandului, nr. 14., tel: 0771.116.106

Crinul Alb

Distance: 25 min / 9 min

25 minutes on foot or 9 minutes by car (2.5 km) is the restaurant &
pizzerie Crinul Alb. *4,4
Str. Parcul Traian, nr. 31., tel/ bookings: 0722.548.433; orders: 0733.107.861


Distance: 25 min / 9 min

24 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by car (2 km) is the Graf restaurant & pizzeria. *4,6
Str. Barbu Stefănescu Delavrancea, nr. 3. Tel: 0754.991.133


distance: 29 min / 8 min

At 29 on foot or 8 minutes by car, 2.2 km, there is the Ciuperca restaurant, from where you can see a very beautiful panorama of the city.,
tel: 0744365360


distance: 30 min / 6 min

30 minutes on foot or 6 minutes by car (2.4 km) is the Allegria restaurant & pizzeria. *4,6
Str. Calea Republicii nr 33. Tel: 0770.115.268

Meridian Zero

Distance: 40 min / 8 min

40 minutes on foot or 8 minutes by car (3.4 km), in the Oradea citadel, is the Meridian Zero restaurant *4.5
Tel: 0734 545 454


Distance: 40 min / 8 min

40 minutes on foot or 8 minutes by car (3.4 km), in the citadel of Oradea is the Corsarul restaurant *3.4
They do not make bookings, on Monday is closed.


foto: Ovi D. Pop,,


Baroque complex

distance from the property: 39 min / 8 min

The Baroque complex comprises three buildings and was built between 1750 and 1875.

– The Palace of the Roman Catholic Bishopric, also known as the Baroque Palace, is the work of the Viennese architect Franz Anton Hillebrandt, it was built in the Austrian Baroque style
late and wanted to be a smaller copy of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. In 1773, the Palace was damaged by a fire, but it is rebuilt according to the original plans,
being completed in 1777;

– Cultural events are regularly organized in the Roman Catholic Cathedral, from exhibitions to classical music concerts. There are good chances, therefore, to catch one of them, regardless of the period in which you visit Oradea;

– Row of canons – A row of 10 buildings built between 1750 and 1875 which, thanks to a long and common corridor, give the impression of a single building;

– The Garden of the Roman-Catholic Episcopal Palace in Oradea came into being at the initiative of Bishop Pál Forgách (1747–1757), who started the construction of the most imposing baroque cathedral in the Carpathian Basin. To this cathedral was added the monumental episcopal residence built by Bishop Adam Patachich (1759–1776). of the Roman Catholic Diocese, also known as the baroque palace, is the work of the Viennese architect Franz Anton Hillebrandt, it was built in the late Austrian baroque style and was intended to be a smaller copy of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. In 1773, the Palace was affected by a fire, but it was rebuilt according to the original plans, being completed in 1777;


Oradea Fortress

distance from the property: 3.4 km / 40 min / 8 min

With a history of almost 1,000 years, the Oradea Citadel is a tourist attraction that should not be missed, because it offers a special medieval experience. Its historical past, architecture, existing legends regarding certain events that marked its existence,
they will make you spend many hours discovering the story of the Citadel. Since its beginnings, the Oradea Citadel has been the core of political, military, administrative, legal and religious life, following the sanctification in 1192 of the founder of the Oradea bishopric as Saint Ladislaus Taumaturge.

The bishops' active involvement in development and the effervescent cultural life transformed the Oradea Citadel, in the 15th century, into one of the most important European centers of Humanism and the Renaissance. Thus, inside it, a large library functioned, with books brought from Italy, a Literarum asylum, a meeting place for the great humanist scholars of the time, a Catholic chapter school, where the great humanist scholar Nicolaus Olahus also studied, as well as a astronomical observer, who established the zero meridian of the maps in Oradea, for several centuries.

This meridian passed through the Citadel, being located here by the Austrian physicist Georg von Peuerbach, at the urging of the great humanist, Oradean bishop Ioan Viteaz de Zredna. Throughout its history, the Oradea Fortress served as the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oradea (1092 – 1557), as well as as a military fortress (1557 – 1857), being, in turn, under different administrations: Hungarian/ Transylvanian (1092 – 1660), Ottoman (1660-1692), Habsburg (1692 – 1918). Over the centuries, the fortress was besieged by: Tatars (1241), Turks (1474, 1598, 1658, 1660), Transylvanian rebels (1290, 1514, 1664, 1703 – 1710), the armies of the Principality of Transylvania (1557, 1603) , Austrians (1692). Despite multiple attempts, the Citadel was conquered only three times.


The Union Square

distance from the property: 3.1 km / 39 min / 9 min

- The Greek-Catholic Bishop Palace
- St. Nikolas Greek-Catholic Cathedral
- Moon Church
- Black Eagle Palace
- St. Ladislau Church
- Cityhall Palace
- Cityhall Tower

Darvas La Roche House

distance: 2.6 km, 33 min / 6 min


Sion Sinagogue

Distance: 2,7 km, 34 min / 6 min


Aachvas Rein Synagogue - Museum of Jewish History from Oradea

distance: 3,4 km, 42 min / 8 min


Republicii Street

distance: 2,6 km, 32 min / 6 min


Crisuri County Museum

distance: 3,6 km, 50 min / 11 min


The Temple
of Freemasonry

distance: 3,6 km, 50 min / 11 min


Aquapark Nimphaea

distance: 850m, 10 min / 3 min

Băile Felix

distance: 13 km, 18 by car


Băile 1 Mai

distance: 13 km, 18 min by car



Oradea State
Oradea State Philharmonic

distance: 2,8 km

Queen Marie
State Theatre

distance: 2,8 km

Cinema Palace Oradea

distance: 4,6 km

Bers Nova

distance: 13 km

Black Eagle Passage

distance: 2,9 km

Vasile Alecsandri Street

distance: 2,8 km

Shops nearby:

  • Profi – str. Gheorghe Doja – 2,4 km
  • Profi City – Bulevardul Magheru – 2,2 km
  • Lotus Center Mall – 5 km
  • Prima Shops mall – 4,7 km

Emergency and services:

112 - Police, firemen, ambulance
- Non-stop pharmacies:

  • MediFarm, str. Nufărului, nr. 30
  • Vitalogy, str. Republicii, nr. 26

- Non-stop dentist - str. Aluminei, nr. 14, tel: 0745358511
- Non-stop vulcanization - str. Decebal, nr. 42
- ANPC - Consumer protection telephone - 0219551