A green oasis, a corner of peace, far from the crowd and yet in the city, enabling you to taste the architectural, historical and cultural beauty of Oradea.

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Our story

Our story

Căsuța din Vale (The Cabin of the Valley) is a soul project of our family, which was born from the love inherited from parents and grandparents, for the gardens and orchards full of color and rich fruits, but also from the passion to build, streamline and create spaces housing, friendly to the environment.

It all started from the green garden, where we live today and where the white houses are. We used to admire and enjoy the simplicity of these places, which always evoked emotion, tranquility and inner peace. In addition to all this, we like to make ourselves available to our neighbor and somewhere deep in our soul, we have always wanted to be able to host our fellow humans with warmth and love.

So, one day, we decided to build two small holiday cottages, where people can connect with nature and feel at home, relive the peace of old times, in an intimate place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet in the midst of it.

If you want to discover a place of refuge from the stories, where time has stood still, we invite you to step into the two cottages built in a beautiful garden: the Romantic Cabin and the Traditional Cabin.

... the romantic one or... the traditional one?

Discover our two cabins!
Which one is your favourite?

The romantic cabin..

..makes you think of love, as soon as you step on the porch of the house where you are greeted by a small table from the past, painted with a red rose, which is the most sincere and best known symbol of love. Then you will be delighted to discover all our care and attention to detail, so that our guests can fully enjoy this intimate space. The chairs, the hangers, the lace curtains, the clock, the paintings, the roses, are a part of our soul, transposed into the objects in this little house.

The traditional cabin..

..tells a story through each decorative object that brings it to life. It is a pleasure to walk with emotion and curiosity on the wooden porch and then to discover step by step decorative elements from our Romanian traditions: the wooden bench at the entrance, dressed in old war-woven vestments, what awaits you to leave your worries behind aside, to overcome memories related to our traditions and to create new memories; the clay plates, hand-painted, with motifs from Transylvanian Romanian folklore, full of color and joy, from the time of our grandparents and great-grandparents; the white coquettish table, which was born from a sewing machine, dressed with a doormat woven during the war, from our family's dowry; the handmade lace present in the bedding made of natural fabrics, which will give you peace, pampering and a restful sleep.

4 stars accomodation awarded by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism.

Whether you love traditions or have fallen in love with the Romantic Cottage, each cottage has two rooms, a living room with a kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace. One of the rooms has a double bed, and the other, a bunk bed, suitable for adults, but especially for children! The kitchens are equipped with all the necessary appliances, the terrace of the house is furnished for story evenings or a coffee enjoyed in peace, and the garden is equipped with a barbecue and furniture, to be able to dine outdoors.

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